About us


At IEC Holden we care about manufacturing. We are passionate about quality, efficiency and service. For more than 50 years now we’ve been taking on the outsourcing needs of Fortune 500 manufacturers. We focus all our energy on becoming valued partners for our clients and helping them turn their manufacturing challenges into competitive advantage.

We are a global leading contract manufacturer of electric propulsion and electric powertrain equipment with ISO certified manufacturing operations in the U.S., Mexico, South Africa and Canada.

Superior Quality. Competitive Costs.

We may build electric propulsion and electric powertrain components, but our biggest asset is people. Whether you are producing 50 or 5,000 units per year and whether your systems are 50kw or 5,000kw our experienced, dynamic manufacturing engineering, production, quality and sourcing teams can take on your projects from prototype through to production. Our organizational expertise in lean manufacturing and global supply integration helps us drive cost down and deliver your products at competitive prices.

We can provide full-turnkey service including design-for-manufacture (DFM) services and lifecycle management.

IEC Holden can do more than just manufacture parts for you. We can partner with your organization to turn manufacturing challenges into opportunities.