Board of Directors & Executive Team

Experienced Leadership and Industry Knowledge

IEC Holden’s Board of Directors provides the company with valuable input, guidance and industry perspectives.

Bob Briscoe, chairman – Montreal, Canada


Bob acts as Chairman and has served IEC Holden since 1987. Bob has decades of business experience as an investor and as an operator in a number of businesses. Bob’s exceptional financial acumen, discipline and patience combine with a relentless pursuit of opportunity to drive balanced business success year after year. Despite his passion for golf, you can expect Bob to retire………….never!

Skip Eaman, director – Montreal, Canada


Skip is the company’s longest serving independent Director and brings his deep business experience and practical, entrepreneurial approach to IEC Holden. Skip has had his share of successes: in football (as National Champion at both the amateur and professional levels), in golf (very low handicap and many club trophies). In business (many to his credit), and now with IEC Holden!

Anders Lindberg, director – STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

Anders serves IEC Holden as an independent Director. Anders brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the railway industry, 10 of those as a leader at Bombardier Transportation. With a MBA and M. Sc. Eng., Anders’ education and experience provides IEC Holden’s Board with a proven leader with a strong track record in managing international projects and improving business.

Rob Briscoe, director and president & ceo – Montreal, Canada

Rob Briscoe

Rob is accountable for the company P&L and also serves as a Director and Shareholder. He is an outward-looking President who loves to spend time with customers. Rob focuses his listening skills and creativity to drive profit-building solutions. Rob is highly competitive and knows that your success is the foundation of our success. He will do anything for a customer except wear a tie.


Reporting to the CEO, Dean is accountable for all global operations and the P&L. Dean has extensive experience in locomotive & component manufacturing in USA, South Africa, Mexico and Canada making him a perfect fit for IEC Holden. Dean has exceptional integrity and is well equipped to lead operational excellence for the benefit of our Customers, Suppliers and IEC Holden.


Carolyn reports to the CEO and is accountable for all financial activities of the companies. Carolyn is a true financial professional with the focus and determination to lead via financial acumen. Carolyn ensures her team is with her at every step to give management the numbers they need to make the most of opportunities and manage costs. As you can see by her stature, Carolyn will help us reach new financial heights in more ways than one.


Reporting to the President & CEO, Grant is accountable for global sales across all markets. Grant is a customer-centric sales leader and coach who is focused on bringing solutions that help you win in the market. Grant’s experience in track & field makes him ready to compete for your business.