Contract manufacturing

Minimizing Risk. Maximizing OPPORTUNITY.

Whether you are an OEM looking to outsource production of a specific product, or a engineering-driven company looking to focus on design, marketing and sales, IEC Holden can help. From short-runs to series production, 50 – 5,000 units at 50kw – 5,000kw, we have the expertise and capabilities to support your objectives.

What We Do

We manufacture electrical rotating equipment with a strong focus on mechanical and electrical assembly of motors and generators.

We also offer full product introduction solutions from design-for-manufacture (DFM), prototyping, pre-production, pilot runs all the way through to series production. Throughout, our team leverages our proven program management methodology to reduce cost, raise quality and ensure on time delivery.

We provide the flexibility to:

  • Ramp up, ramp down, week to week, month to month
  • Add to capabilities and capacity on a pure variable cost basis
  • Adjust to cyclical markets, surviving downturns and capitalizing on market growth
  • Achieve globally competitive costs with guaranteed quality and IP protection